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Sep. 16th, 2022


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Jun. 26th, 2009

Pride Month Video Recs 4.04

Fourth and last rec post for 2009, and this will be my final year of recommending queerfilm throughout June; it's been a real slice sharing, and thanks for ALL the comments...

There were a few films that I really wanted to view / review this year, namely: ANTARCTICA, which apparently isn't available on DVD; and I was unable to secure a copy of MA SAISON SUPER 8 (um, without purchasing it, that is). There are many disadvantages to living in a virtual cultural vacuum, ya know.

And more than a few films were viewed and not mentioned here; I don't recommend EVERYTHING I watch. Just sayin'...

Today was also the fourth annual Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justice

Not in Hooterville, of course. Or even Cleveland. NYC, loves. They had a nice day for it. *pumps fist*

Quite a varied 'community', innit?

If I recall, the local events calendar for this weekend in Hooterville is topped by the second annual Beach Glass soiree (if you have to ask what beach glass is...forget it) at Walnut Beach in Pixley. can that compare to a trans pride march??? And YES, I collect beach glass...

***shakes jar proudly***

Here is [info]lena3's intro Pride Post; here's mine.

Check out Lena's recs from June 7th June 14th and June 21st
Here are mine from June 5th June 12th and June 19th

This week's recs:




And how about adding these to the ever-popular Netflix queue even if you don't intend to watch? It'll help up those queerfilm numbers...

Jun. 19th, 2009

Pride Month Video Recs 4.03

Here is [info]lena3's intro Pride Post; here's mine.

Check out Lena's recs from June 7th and June 14th
Here are mine from June 5th and June 12th

This week's recs:




Jun. 12th, 2009

Pride Month Video Recs 4.02

Here is [info]lena3's intro Pride Post; here's mine.

Check out Lena's recs from June 7th and mine from June 5th

While Ohio isn't exactly the most progressive state as far as queer rights go, there many events celebrating Pride Month; Equality Ohio maintains a calendar of LGBT events year-round. Dayton and Youngstown had their Pride events last weekend; Cincinnati and Akron's festivals are this weekend, and Cleveland and Columbus Pride activities will be held the following weekend, June 20 & 21. Equality Ohio's LGBT calendar can be found here.

This week's recs:


MULLIGANS (2008)  )


Jun. 5th, 2009

Pride Month Video Recs 4.01

Here's my first set of recs (a day late, but what the hell...). [info]lena3 will post her film recs on Sundays this month.

SAVE ME (2008)  )


LIKE IT IS (1998)  )

Jun. 4th, 2009

Pride Month Film Recs Master List, 2006 - 2009

For the last three years, [info]lena3 and I have recommended queer films throughout the month of June.

I compiled a list of everything we've recced, more to ensure that I didn't waste time on a title we'd already done. Since I've gone to the trouble, I thought I'd include that list here; I've also linked each film back to the appropriate post. Please let me know of any errors...

Big Damn Queer Movie List  )

Jun. 3rd, 2009

Pride Month...Again

June 2009 finds the state of queerness to be a mixed bag:

California's Prop 8 was upheld, yet queer marriage is now legal in Massachusetts, Iowa and Connecticut; Vermont joins the list on September 1, 2009.

The Maine legislature and Governor approved queer marriage, but anti-equality hate groups filed a petition in opposition; the new law is now in limbo until Maine residents vote on the issue.

Both legislative houses in New Hampshire narrowly approved queer marriage law, yet Governor Lynch sent it back requesting added protections for churches; a second vote is expected on the bill today in both New Hampshire houses.

In 2004, our Ohio constitution was amended to outlaw queer marriage; a VERY sad day, I can tell you.

However, on May 12, House Bill 176, The Equal Housing & Employment Act of 2009 was introduced and seeks to add SEXUAL ORIENTATION and GENDER IDENTITY to the list of reasons for which a citizen may NOT be discriminated against in regards to employment, housing & public accommodations. Sponsor Testimony for the bill was held in the House on May 27; opponent testimony is scheduled for today, June 3. Governor Strickland has pledged his support of the Bill, and has promised to sign it into law when it reaches his desk...

But queer marriage isn't everything; respect, equality and the freedom to live one's life as they choose, with whomever they choose is the real priority. And while many advances have been made in the last forty years, we've still a long way to go.

Every June, [info]lena3 and I post queer movie recs; I'll post on Thursdays and she'll post on Sundays. These posts will NOT be locked.

Here are our recommendations from 2006 , 2007 , 2008 .

To wrap up for today, I'd like to share some cool art from queer artist Joe Phillips. His decidedly upbeat, colorful and oftentimes wry art is a favourite. Not all are worksafe:

Click for more of Joe's Art  )

Jun. 29th, 2008

Pride Month Video Recs 3.03

The last rec of '08 for me. [info]lena3 will offer up hers later today. Here are links to all of our recs from 2006 and 2007

Here are Lena's posts from June 1, June 8, June 15 and June 22.

All video links refer to TLA Video. While the site does offer mainstream titles, it's one of the best sources for queer film on DVD.

Surf's up:

SHELTER (2007)  )

Thanks to all who read and commented!

Over and out...

Jun. 20th, 2008

Pride Month Video Recs 3.02

Yeah. I totally failed last week with the recs. In an effort to rec some recent titles, I procured/watched two films...and didn't care for either one. Oh well...such is life.

Major coolness going on in California. The good news is that their Supreme Court upheld the law and the state Constitution, allowing ANYONE to enjoy the right of marrying the person they love. And even Awwnold™ has stated that he won't challenge or support anyone challenging the decision. The bad news is that the homophobic ultra-right nutjobs will do their worst to overturn the whole thing. Don't like the law? Change it. Ain't US democracy grand? O_o

I'd also like to rec THIS WAY OUT!, the nation's (and the world's, for that matter) only weekly radio newsmagazine for the LGBT community. The THIS WAY OUT! website is here. There are links to the weekly half-hour shows on the site, and the program airs on EdgeRadio Wednesdays & Sundays @ 6PM Eastern. Be sure to check the show out!

This is the third year running that [info]lena3 and I have offered up our fave queerfilms for your perusal. Here are links to all of our recs from 2006 and 2007

Here are Lena's posts from June 1, June 8 and June 15.

I've managed to come up with two recs this week, which I hope will be of interest:


OUTING RILEY (2004)  )

And, sadly, no further dreams involving Jermaine and kites, but Dean has made another appearance in my nocturnal theatre of the sub-conscious. Rawr.


Jun. 5th, 2008

Pride Month Video Recs 3.01

Ostensibly, the month of June is when queers everywhere celebrate diversity, acceptance, and, well, party like crazy. Yup. There's sure to be a White Party coming soon to a parking lot near long as you live in a metropolitan area, that is. The rest of us in the 'square states' have to make do with ooogling online Jared/Jensen manips, writing LOST slash, or watching QUEER AS FOLK for the umpteenth time...

I'm not sure what the un-official anniversary of the Stonewall Riots has to do with buff, sweaty, mostly nekkid folk gyrating to Moby remixes in warehouses...but then I wasn't put here to get things.

Oh, yeah. I'm supposed to be reccing something...

This is the third year running that [info]lena3 and I have offered up our fave queerfilms for your perusal. Here are links to all of our recs from 2006 and 2007

Lena will post her recs on Sundays; I'll try to keep the Thursday thing going on.

Here's Lena's first rec of 2008; please check it out, yeah?

So, without further adieu, I humbly submit these recommendations:

THE TRIP (2002)  )

ALIVE & KICKING (1999)  )


And has anyone else had erotic dreams featuring Jemaine Clement and kites?

See you next Thursday!

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